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Optimize behavioral health outcomes with the next generation of objective, measurement-based care.

Harness the power of technology to elevate your practice. Improve mental health outcomes through a digitally-enhanced platform that delivers personalized behavioral insight and just-in-time intervention.

With Vira, you and your patients now have the objective insight needed to work together on a personalized, digitally-delivered therapy plan.

It is easy to use and fits in seamlessly with your clinical workflow. Vira allows you to strengthen the therapeutic alliance with your patients so that you can work as a team to achieve successful behavior change and better outcomes.

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How Vira Works:

  • The Vira app uses the smartphone your patient already owns to continuously collect and model individualized behavioral insight between appointments.

  • The practitioner and administrator dashboards enable you to turn these behavioral insights into actionable, evidence-based therapy plans and personalized just-in-time interventions.

  • Vira is a software solution that requires no special or costly equipment.

How Vira Benefits Behavioral Health Practitioners & Administrators:

  • Augments practitioner effectiveness with automated delivery of evidence-based therapies and clinical rating scales, outside the clinic and between appointments. 

  • Strengthens the therapeutic alliance between client and practitioner through shared behavioral insights which enable successful health behavior change.  
  • Delivers actionable real-world behavioral insights to improve healthcare service productivity and care quality through improved case management and capacity utilization. 

  • Enables healthcare service reform and evolution through therapy utilization trends that lead to better-targeted supervision and scaled effective practices.  
  • Improves healthcare service productivity, resulting in enhanced case management, care stratification, and care capacity. 
  • Reduces service costs through efficient care resource allocation, reduction of high-cost events, and enhanced accountable care. 

  • Increases revenue through reduced no-shows.